Tuesday, June 28, 2022

About MichaelTai.Co

What is the first requirement for any successful startup? An idea. True, you’ll require much more than that later on, but the notion is always where it begins. The whole startup sector is built on ideas — audacious, disruptive brainwaves that have the potential to upend the status quo. They are not always effective, but when they are, the gains can be enormous.

Sometimes ideas come to you in unexpected places: at the park, the bath, or while you’re meant to be thinking about something completely else. However, there are occasions when you cannot wait for a lightning bolt to strike. What sources do you consult for inspiration? Start with guidance from others who have been where you are, scouting for ideas and looking for their big break in the startup sector.

At MichaelTai.Co, we provide curated news and information, SEO tools, digital marketing, hosting, WordPress, online tools, and videos for the next generation of entrepreneurs.