Monday, August 15, 2022


MichaelTai.Co is funded through commissions

Traditional banners or popup ads have never been our thing. We believe that those make consuming content harder (and might not be relevant) and interrupt the reader in ways that are not helpful in what they want to achieve. That’s why we’ve opted not to use traditional advertising altogether.

However, MichaelTai.Co is still a business, and as such, it needs revenue sources to power our laptops (and make a profit, ideally).

This is where affiliate links come into play. Some of our posts might contain them. If you click on such an affiliate product link and end up making a purchase, we’ll receive a commission from the seller. The amount you pay for the product doesn’t increase, so there’s no cost on your part. These affiliate commissions help us keep the business running.

These affiliate commissions help us keep the lights on and business running.

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